It's time once again for the cream of the crop of last night's NBA action. And here are the top 10:

10.) We start things off in Charlotte as the Pistons' Josh Smith swats the Bobcats' Ramon Sessions

9.) In Hotlanta, the Hawks' Paul Millsap executes the beautiful spin move and dish to Elton Brand for the dunk. He totally lost the Wizards' Trevor Ariza. That was just embarrassing.

8.) In Portland, the little guy Damian Lillard gets the put back dunk over a bunch of taller Spurs (he even jumped over his own teammate).

7.) Same game, same team, this time DeMar DeRozan gets the power one-handed slam.

6.) On to Minnesota, where the entire floor of Timberwolves got in the action, first with defense, then with offense as Corey Brewer dunks one in.

5.) Switching to New Orleans, as the Pelicans' Anthony Davis gets the clean block on the Knicks' superstar Carmelo Anthony. A little Anthony on Anthony crime.
4.) In the City of Angels, the Rockets' James Harden throws the sweet lob to Dwight Howard.
3.) Back to Minnesota, the T-Wolves' Ricky Rubio pulls off one of the best fake passes I've ever seen on a drive and then dishes it off to Ronny Turiaf for the dunk.
2.) Back to Atlanta, the Wizards' Trevor Ariza drains the 3/4 court trifecta to end the third quarter.
1.) But the top spot goes to the Suns' Gerald Green for both of these dunks. Why was he not in the All-Star dunk contest?