Game 7 is always a do or die situation for both teams. So let's catch the highlights for the Indiana/Miami game 7.

#5: D Wade excutes a very difficult looking (but beautiful post-spin move) for the lay-in.

#4: Mike Miller had a good look, but misses the 3-ball. No problem, Birdman to the rescue with this nice put back.

#3: Back to D. Wade for another example of defense leading to offense with this steal that lead to an easy dunk.

#2: Mario Chalmers has a nice move to the rim, but just couldn't finish. That's okay... King James for that put back slamma-jamma.

#1: No surprise, Lebron also gets the number 1 spot for this almost head-to-the-rim alley oop from Norris Cole.

Miami advances onward.