I'm not going to lie, during my childhood, I pretty much wore out my copy of Top Gun on VHS... You guessed it! During the volleyball scene! I couldn't get enough of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer (especially shirtless!) in those days... Now, not so much!

I also remember my brother trying to pause our VCR at just the right time when watching Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct... You know, the scene where she crosses her legs supposedly sans underpants!

Don't get me wrong, we didn't always try to pause movies on actors and/or actress' naughty bits. I totally tried to see the person rumored to be hanging in the back ground of The Wizard of Oz!

If you've found yourself pausing movies to see what could *ahem* be seen, you'll love our list of the top ten most 'paused' movie moments of all time. And just for the record, IMHO, I liked pausing stuff on the old low res VHS tapes way better than trying to isolate a frame now in HD. Maybe it's the challenge of finding that virtually impossible to isolate movie frame. Just saying...