This week's Throwback Thursday video is a personal favorite. Waaaaaay back when Shaquille O'Neal was an NBA rookie, the Fu-Schnickens were his favorite Hip-Hop group. So why not put him on a song? And "What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock)" was born.

I miss this era in the genre, because this was the time when it was fun. And I'm talking back in 1993... the golden age of rap. Fu-Schnickens was made up of 3 college friends, Moc Fu, Poc Fu and the fast rapping Chip Fu. They brought the martial arts/Asian culture to Hip-Hop before the Wu-Tang Clan later made it famous, albeit with darker rhyme stories. The trio even paved the way for good old Shaq-Fu to drop his first solo rap album entitled: Shaq Diesel.

Every time I hear this song or see the video, it reminds me of riding the bus to high school with my walkman in bumping this single on cassette. Now that's a throwback.