Travis Boyles will do “whatever you want him to do for less money than whoever you are paying to do it now.” In a Craigslist ad offering this service, Boyles makes 35 (often humorous) suggestions of what exactly he could do for you.

(For five dollars he will draw your face on a balloon, for 1,000 he will build you a cardboard car and make vroom vroom sounds when you drive it.)

But Boyles also wants everybody to know he is being completely serious, and really will do anything, as long as it’s not illegal.

The 20-year old Atlanta man, who was recently laid off his job as a copywriter, told NPR that he has made 300 dollars doing various tasks for folks who responded to his ad in the week after he posted it.

What do you think - creative solution to tough times?  Would you do something like this?  If you were hiring this guy, what kind of stuff would you come up with for him to do?