Stop. Take a moment and close your eyes. Now, take a deep breath in...that's it. What did you smell? Ok. Maybe your waste basket next to your desk needs to be sanitized...

Let's try this again. Only this time, go outside. Breathe through your nose and tell me the first thing you smell.

Perhaps you leave town for whatever reason, often times other places will have the same smell that REMINDS you of where you live? Scent is a great memory recall. What is the scent that reminds you of home?

We want to know. What does Capser, Wyoming smell like to you? Woodsy? Musky? Flowery? We are certain each neighborhood has its unique scent, but overall there must be an scent that defines our town. What would the smell be?

We are curious! Breathe again, then comment with your description. This should be interesting!