NBA All-Star weekend is a star-studded event as always. But with the dunk contest and the celebrity game out of the way, it's now time for the big daddy, the All-Star game!

The NBA All-Star game pits the best of the best from both coast against each other with one supreme goal... to find out who is the best once and for all. With some semi-new additions this year and a few potential injurys, the one major question is: who do you think will win?

Personally, growing up in Michigan, I've typically been a fan of the East squad. But after moving back to the place of my birth, I've become a fan of the West, mainly because I'm a die hard Denver Nuggets fan. But with no Nugs on the team this year, and the plausible "No Kobe", I'm thinking I may have to ride with the East again. LeBron James is one of my favorite players, and in my opinion, the best all-around player in the entire NBA.

But the question still remains: