If you've ever been to Wyoming, chances are you became a little scared and confused at words the locals use because you've never heard them before. I don't know how they started, but they only seem to exist here. Granted, some of these terms might also be used in your neck of the woods outside of Wyoming, but many of them are so overused that outsiders might actually assume that they originated from here.

Here's some examples:

"N Nat" - and that/and stuff

"Car-mil" Caramel

"Pop" - Soda

"Crikk" - Creek

"Pigup" - Pick Up

"Loyer" - Lawyer

"Bag" - Beg

"May-uh-naze" - Mayonnaise

Are these words you often here in these-here parts? Are there others that deserve to be on this list?

Share yours in the comment section below.