For years, several out here in Cowboy country have been grumbling at all the cool iPhone commercials, silently wondering when those of us who might like to have one might be included with the rest of the free world.   Looks like you'll be getting your wish soon, with AT&T opening up shop in Casper in the place of Alltel, and today's announcement that Verizon is finally getting their own iPhones, ending AT&T's exclusive.    Read on for more:

Personally, I've been pretty happy lately with my Droid X - but through playing with my iPod Touch over the years and Apple's app store, have to admit that I'm on the fence a little about which would be the best "do-it-all" phone.    Droid X's camera's a little better - the Android market of apps is growing by leaps & bounds, but there's just something about Apple products and their design that seem to work really well too, they were kinda the "original", after all.     Just like there's lots of opinions on phones, there's lots of opinions on carriers as well - I've got lots of friends abroad with AT&T iPhones who rave about their network & coverage, and others who complain quite a bit.   Same with Verizon.

If you missed the big Apple/Verizon announcement, click HERE to get in the loop on the story, and see their FAQ for those interested.

So, let the phone wars begin.    Which do you think's best, and what will you be carrying around personally, once you have more choices?