Sometimes you’ve just got to have more. That last slice of pizza or that last piece of apple pie simply wasn’t enough to satisfy your monster appetite.

In the land of plenty, you’d think this really wouldn’t be much of a problem. The ability to super size pretty much anything might be added to the Bill of Rights someday. Well, okay, probably not, but just in case you’re looking for some bigger portion sizes, we’ve got you covered. You can find ‘big’ foods all across the globe.

Here’s a list of 10 massive world record-breaking items that you can eat. Hope you’re hungry.

The Planet’s Biggest Hamburger

You’d think the biggest hamburger ever grilled up would be from America, considering how many of those things get eaten in the US every day. Rest assured, it is, but until recently, the record belonged to the Canadians. Cooks at the Alameda County Fair put together a 777 pound burger in 2011, complete with a massive bun, and beat those hamburger-loving Canadians flat. Just imagine the heartburn you’d get after gobbling that bad boy down.

The Longest Hot Dog (And Bun) In the World

The longest hot dog ever made comes from Paraguay, in South America. The Spanish held the previous record, but a Paraguayan sausage company decided to challenge their cousins across the Atlantic. They constructed a hot dog that measured over 668 feet in length. The people who tucked into that creation, after it was verified, of course, probably set a world record for mustard and ketchup consumption as well.

The Largest Bowl of Hummus Ever Made

For those of you who love Mediterranean food, you can now take heart. The biggest bowl of hummus ever assembled was put together in Lebanon. It clocked in at a little over 10 tons. Apparently there is a bit of a ‘hummus war’ going on between the Lebanese and the Israelis, so expect to see even bigger bowls of hummus in the future. That would be a falafel lover’s dream come true.

One Horking Big Burrito

In La Paz, Mexico, they really know how to impress folks with their big burritos. Of course a burrito that is a little over 2 km (about a mile and quarter) long might be going over board just a tad. But that’s what the good folks in La Paz served for dinner. A special truck was rigged up to set out cooked tortilla along a beach path. Afterwards, the burrito was filled, and the record was verified. No one went hungry that night, because 5,799.44 tons of burrito can feed a hell of a lot of people.

The Largest Pizzas Ever Served

Italians bake a lot of pizza, as do Americans. While the recipes might vary from place to place, it seems pizza is a universally loved food. With this thought probably in mind, the largest pizza ever made was assembled in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1990 (sorry Americans, sorry Italians). This colossus weighed in at more than 12 tons, and was 122 feet in diameter. That’s an awful lot of cheese and tomatoes.

The longest pizza, but not the biggest by weight, ever made was baked in Krakow, Poland, in the summer of 2010. It was 1, 010 meters long. That’s more than a kilometer.

One Massive Bowl of Spaghetti

An Italian joint in Garden Grove, California, set the record for the biggest bowl of spaghetti in 2010. This massive helping of pasta was 15 inches in diameter, and made use of almost 120 gallons of marinara sauce and meatballs. When all was said and done, the restaurant was left with a 9,767 pound bowl of spaghetti. For those of you out there on a diet and watching your weight, you’d be wise to steer clear of these type of high-carb events.

The Biggest Apple Pie On Record

The apple-growing town of Wenatchee, in Washington State, claimed the world record for the biggest apple pie ever baked. The North Central Washington Museum rounded up a small army of volunteers in 2011, and got them to work before dawn in order to break the record. A special propane oven was set up to help bake this behemoth. The result of all the hard work was a 34,438-pound apple pie. That’s 17.2 tons. How much more ‘All American’ can you get than that?

The Giant Paella Of Valencia

Paella is a rice and meat (and sometimes seafood) dish from Spain. If you’ve never tried it, you should give it a go. The city of Valencia, in Spain, gave paella one gigantic go in 2001, and cooked up a massive pan of the stuff. It took a team of dedicated cooks and chefs to work their paella magic, but when they were finished, they were able to feed over 1,000 hungry people.

England’s Monster Chocolate Bar

If you love chocolate, then we hope you were in Derbyshire, England, on October 12, 2011. Thornton’s Chocolate Company created a mountainous chocolate bar that weighed in at a whopping 12,749 pounds. 50 people worked all day long to create this diabetic’s worst nightmare. Thornton’s beat the previous record, only set the month before, by World’s Finest Chocolate in Chicago.

Dublin’s Record-Breaking Glass Of Beer

After reading about all of these oversized foods, you just might want to kick back and relax with a nice glass of beer. How about an 8-foot-tall glass of beer? A pub in Dublin, Ireland, poured just such a glass (but only once) a few years back. The massive vessel was filled to the brim with Guinness. The glass and the beer combined weighed 2,772 pounds. That will beat a keg every time. Bottoms up!