If you feel like you haven’t read enough controversy surrounding Mary J. Blige’s charity (Foundation For The Advancement of Women Now) — from lawsuits to tax problems — here’s another bit for you. NY Post reports that FFAWN has failed to pay the 25 scholarships promised to the graduating girls of the Women’s Academy of Excellence girls back in 2010. Yikes!

The 25 scholarships given out back in 2010 were for the high achievers in the first graduating class of ’73 at the Women’s Academy of Excellence. By winning, the selected girls had the opportunity to choose whatever university they wanted to attend. Now it seems that was an empty promise.

Surely, having seen a success story such as Mary J. walk through the doors of their school at the time, it was only natural that the girls thought the presence of the singer-songwriter was a godsend. And it did appear so. It unfortunately turns out their prayers have yet to be answered.

Upon desperate call after desperate call, FFAWN barely covered tuition for the first year with a late $5,392 payment. Sadly, year two saw no payments whatsoever. One such student, who attends SUNY Canton (for how long we are not sure considering she truly cannot afford), had already taken out a loan because the scholarship payment was not yet made. Should the money not appear by fall she may have to dropout.

According to the queen of hip-hop soul, “This should have never been allowed to happen, but it did, and now we are fixing it.”

We definitely hope so.

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