Did you know the highest wind gust EVER recorded in Wyoming was 128 mph in Clark? And on average, most of the state sustains wind speeds of around 12.9 mph on what we Wyomingites call "not-so-windy days." That's the highest average wind speed in the nation, according to the University of Wyoming. For comparison, the lowest wind speed in the country is located in Arizona, which receives a whopping 1.1 mph wind gusts on average. We don't really know what that is here in Wyoming...Does that even count as a "gust?"

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We have an odd relationship with wind here in Wyoming. In some ways, we are proud that our residents regularly withstand hurricane-force wind. But we also take every chance we get to complain about the wind - for example:

"It would be a nice day if it wasn't for the wind."

"The drive wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the wind."

"I would have been to work sooner, but the wind was bad..."

Yes, the Wyoming wind can be pretty brutal. It's known to wreck gardens, tear off restaurant signs, and blow over semis. And it has no problem with stealing all kinds of things from Wyoming residents.

Seriously, the Wyoming Wind is quite the kleptomaniac. I've lost all sorts of things to the rip-roaring gusts of winds that hammer our beautiful state. And I'm not the only one. Check out some of the most common, most hilarious, and 100% for real things the Wyoming Wind loves to steal from you:

15+ Things The Wyoming Wind Steals From You

From beverages to bills, the Wyoming wind will take anything it can from you.

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