At the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards tonight (Nov. 11), there were a few fashion faux pas and "What were they thinking?!" offenses committed by pop stars.

Alicia Keys' green dress with cut outs might be perfectly appropriate for a dinner at Nobu in NYC, but a red carpet event in Europe? Not so much. It was too casual. We also don't love the fabric placements around the neck and shoulders. While we are totally "green" with envy over Keys' body, and she worked the tight-fitting frock, she didn't wear it at the right time.

Carly Rae Jepsen earned points for polishing her act and wearing a gown, as opposed to a short skirt with platform sneakers. But her textured gown was a bit ill-fitting. It's too loose in the mid-section and too long. We were worried she might trip over it or step on her own hem and cause it to come crashing down in a wardrobe malfunction of the worst kind. CRJ's hair was too dark. Her bangs were too long, obscuring her pretty eyes, and her lips were too red against too pale skin. None of the elements of her look gelled. At all. It's sad, since she is so cute.

The Jonas Brothers looked like they were on their way to a Ryan Seacrest interview instead of a big event overseas. Cardigans and button downs work on dates and doing simple or rote album interviews and promotion, but not at the EMAs. Joe Jonas also needs a shave. Normally, we heart his 5 o'clock shadow, but he was woofing it tonight. His curls were also a bit too unruly. The Bros. are usually so put together, so this overall misstep surprised us.

The same can be sad for fun. The guys also showed up in a mix of casual and nerdy clothes meant for a day on a college campus, not a huge red carpet and music industry gathering. We get that fun. aren't trying to cultivate an image, but it would have been nice to see 'em tidy up and show another side of their style. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, now would it?

Ian Gavan, Getty Images
Ian Gavan, Getty Images