There seem to be a large amount of opinions that disagree with the decision to let Natrona County Schools remain open today.  What do you think?


From Natrona County School District Facebook Page:

All Casper Area Schools remain open today.

Busses in the Casper, Evansville, Bar Nunn, Mills and Mountain View areas will run on a normal schedule.

Midwest will have a two (2) hour delayed start. Busses running from Casper will pick up Midwest Students two (2) hours later than normal. Busses #6 and #151 fromMidwest to Casper will not be running today.

Powder River, Alcova and Red Creek will not have bus transportation available. Additionally, there will be no busses traveling on HWY 20/26.

Poison Spider will be open. There will be no pickup of students on HWY 220, due to no unnecessary travel restrictions.

Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for conditions.

If parents have concerns and wish to keep their child/children home, they may excuse them as they would normally.

If you have transportation questions, please call 253-5283.