Poor Brit Brit. She got shellacked here.

The lovely Britney Spears was cornered by the media, asked about the death of fellow Mousketeer Annette Funicello, who passed away today (April 8) while coming out of either a restaurant or a Sephora. The 'Criminal' singer clearly didn't hear the question, since her response was somewhat shocking. And Brit doesn't strike us a hate monger with a heart of stone, so there.

"I think that's great," the ponytailed pop diva, who has returned to her blonde hair hue after a stint as a brunette, said as she was escorted into her white SUV by her security detail. Brit flashed a fake smile, which she likely has had to master while dealing with the paps who tail her endlessly.

We doubt Brit would think the death of an actress and someone who was a Mousketeer like she once was is a good thing.

The erstwhile 'X Factor' judge later apologized for and explained the gaffe, and we believe her:

Fortunately for Brit, whose image often takes a beating, it's obvious that she wasn't paying attention to the question or didn't quite hear it. It's not like she said, "OMG, Annette has died? That's GREAT!"