We are seeing an influx everywhere with people. For those wanting to move here, here are things you need to know before moving here.

There are a lot of things about Wyoming that no one knows about, people on the east have no idea what to expect. So here are some small but good reminders and rules of thumbs.


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    Most peaceful place on earth

    Gods country...enough said.

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    The people are friendly, don't be shy

    People are so friendly here, it's the west. Hard hand shakes were an old sign of an honest deal.

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    You can leave your doors unlocked in a lot of places still and be fine

    Now not everywhere and it is becoming less OK, but you can still trust your neighborhood and feel safe leaving your car or even house unlocked.

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    Everyone owns a pair of cowboy boots

    Get yourself a pair! You'll go to at least one event they will be worn to.

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    Choosing a football team is open

    This state has many great sports to be had but we are lacking in an NFL team so it is more open to decide and be a fan of a team you may have ties with elsewhere.

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