Living in Wyoming, I'm starting to believe springtime is a myth. Do we even have a spring? Some states get a nice warming spell after winter, but the Cowboys State receives more wind and more snow. When there isn't 80 miles-per-hour blowing snow, we have mud and construction. Spring? It doesn't exist: however, we do believe in these undeniable truths about "spring."


If you have pets, you won't have clean floors until June.


If you have pets, most likely your floor is covered in muddy paw prints this time of year. You sweep and mop daily, but each time you turn around there is another print on the bathroom floor, on the white living room sofa, on just about everything.


Nearly impossible to find the ideal temperature.

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It's hot. Then it's cold. Then it's hot again. Then ... you get the picture. From dueling AC and Heat in the car, to the shedding and reapplying of warm layers of clothes, it is a dance to stay at that ideal temp. Sometimes you just have to decide to sweat or freeze.

Snow is always a possibility

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You keep an extra jacket and boots in your car year round. Locals know that the spring snowstorms are the most brutal. The storms attack when you least expect. You might have been on the lake the day before, but today you are scraping the snow off your car.

 If the temp is above freezing, it's ok to open the windows.


In the car or the house, letting some fresh air in is always refreshing. Wyomingites don't care that it is only 35 degrees out. That is a heat wave for this time of year. Get out the flip-flops and fill up the kiddy pool.

 A little snow and wind should not stop any Wyomingite.


You lived through polar vortexes, snow tsunamis, and snow drifts the size of elephants, you will survive any springtime storm. Buck up buttercup and go to the store for that milk. That's what the rest of us are doing.