Springtime is in full swing, the animals in Yellowstone National Park are preparing for their annual visitors. The bears are out and looking for food to help them stay healthy and allow them to continue to grow and rule the roost.

Grizzly bears got their name because their brown fur can be tipped with white, giving them a grizzled look. I know, weird right. Who knew the ferocious and mighty grizzly got the name because of its looks.

The grizzly is part of the brown bear family. The average male Griz weighs between 400-800lbs with the bigger weighing in at 1200lbs.

Some of the Grizzly Bear characteristics are:

  • Large Teeth
  • Large Size
  • Eat a LARGE amount daily
  • Strong

Grizzly bears use their claws for tools and weapons. They're usually between 4 and 6 inches long and razor sharp with one swipe they can slice through most anything. Since they don't have thumbs, the claws help them hold on to things.

Wildlife photographer named Henrik Nilsson is published photographer that has had the opportunity to photograph and video plenty of bears. On his Instagram page recently, he posted a video of a LARGE (looks bigger than average) grizzly bear in Yellowstone.

The Griz had recently finished off a bison and was heading toward another meal when Henrik caught this bears HUGE front claws.

You'd never catch me criticizing how a Grizzly looks (at least not to it's face), but this bear needs to hit up the Yellowstone nail salon and take care of those long, gnarly nails.

The size of the claws on that Grizzly, is crazy. If you're nails were that long, can you imagine how easily they'd get caught in your favorite napping blanket or on get snagged your socks?

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