I know it feels like we live in the "middle of nowhere" out here in the boondocks. Hate to break it to you, this new study proves that we aren't too far from the truth when we say such things.

A company by the name of Visual Statistix formulated a blog utilizing a United States database of all the major roads in our nation, trying to figure out along the way which areas were further away from highways, interstates, routes, and other major roads....truly distant and in the middle of nowhere.

And it seems, according to the map below, Wyoming is right up there with Idaho (the first place winner).


Other places included in the middle of nowhere appear to be the Grand Canyon, and the northwest lakes in Maine.

The blog also figured out the "middle of nowhere" spots based on how close they are to airports. Most of them are in Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming . . . and, once again, that Idaho-Oregon-Nevada intersection.