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If you've got the bucks, these bucking horses are just too cool!

See which one costs a cool $100.

But you just know someone would love it for Christmas.

And would that be a really special gift if it had their name on it?

As long as Wyoming has only one area code, this also has to be a favorite.

Gosh darn it, I want one of EACH!

(Okay, maybe not pink, but they got it in that too.)

And there's more for us Cowboys and Cowgirls, like our state mammal.

See the rest, with their different prices, all right here.

From a Wyoming company, New Traditions Iron, these come in two patina finishes, rust or copper patina. Patina is the use of chemicals to change the color of base metal and spray with a clear coat. Since patina is not paint, every sign is completely unique.