Happy "307 Day" Wyoming - March 7 if your brain works slowly like mine.

Over the last decade Wyoming's area code, 307, has exploded with merchandise and a number of businesses incorporating the 307 into their brand.

I have thought for a long time Wyoming needs to have a celebration on 3/07. Colorado does a big celebration on 3/03 day, which is one of the largest area codes in Northern Colorado.

I've bounced ideas around like having a party in Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie or maybe each community can choose to do something themselves.

The Cowboy State has a lot of fun festivals mainly in the summer and understandably so as the weather is consistently good. March weather can be a gamble, so it may have to be an indoor event.

The other problem is 3/07 only falls on a weekend twice every seven years. Would a celebration be best for the closest weekend to 3/07 or on that day?

Just throwing some ideas out there to any party planning committees that may be reading! Would love your thoughts on a 3/07 celebration!