The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is considering a special Yellowstone license plate.

We in the Steamboat State have long lamented our lack of special license plate choices. There's hope this will open legislators to the idea of more options.

We would have to pass a “Yellowstone license plate” law, The Yellowstone Insider mentions. Fees for the plates are often split between the state and the WYDOT.

The Yellowstone plate would, "Solidify the park’s association with the state of Wyoming and vice versa," say officials.

Wyomingites who want a special plate with hero Chris LeDoux may have to take baby steps. WYDOT's director said that even the Yellowstone proposal is “very preliminary." Now they're only considering the artwork for a plate. We all can't wait to see that, though, right? Maybe they'll let us vote on their tops looks for it.