It is hard to believe that we are a little over a month away from a Presidential election. I am not sure I can handle much more of the campaigning. So far it feels we have seen more debates and town halls, than we have had Super Bowls. Arguments about the same stuff over and over, just different corn fields. But, one candidate continues to make the news everyday, for just saying something dumb. Kind of like the Kardashians. Wyoming ranks 9th for most "Trump like."

According to Estately, they used seven Donald Trump-specific metrics to rank each state. We then averaged those rankings to determine which states were most like the The Donald.

  1. Percentage of residents married three times or more (source: 2012 U.S. Census)
  2. Businesses offering spray tans per capita (source:
  3. Percentage of people who brag on social media (source:
  4. Billionaires per capita (source: Forbes)
  5. Total amount of campaign contributions to Donald Trump per capita (source: Federal Election Commission)
  6. Bankruptcies per capita for 2009-2014 (source: American Bankruptcy Institute)
  7. Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in “Donald Trump for President (source: Facebook)

Montana, Wyoming and Nevada were the only western states that made the top 10. Out of the 3 states, Wyoming ranked highest in billionaires per capita, but Nevada ranks the highest in the other 6 categories, making it the number one state that is the most "Trump Like"