So it's been years since we've bought a trusty issue of TV Guide to let us know what would be appearing on television for that week. Haven't they heard of the internet? This isn't 1999 anymore!

In any case, our boyfriend Adam Levine graces the most recent cover of the mag, (and gives an interview!!) so we actually might have to head on down to the grocery store to pick ourselves up a copy. Such problems we have.

There are some pretty awesome key moments from the interview -- he discusses Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera's temporary replacements on 'The Voice,' aka Shakira and Usher, as well as his bromance with Blake Shelton.

"Christina and Cee Lo are so close to my heart because we went through the show becoming a success together, and Usher and Shakira are coming into it as a big frickin institution," he said of the soon-to-be newbies. "So it's different, but it still feels good, because they're legitimate artists."

Continuing with 'The Voice,' the interviewer asked if he and Shelton would actually get the opportunity to sit next to one another next season, given the new additions. But uh, that'd be a big fat no. "Trust me, we need to be separated. If Blake and I sat next to each other, we'd never get anything done," he said. "We already yap at each other across the room like we're yelling across the dinner table."

Sounds like a family dinner at our house!

If you want to read the rest of the interview, we highly suggest picking up a copy of TV Guide (the Nov. 19 - Dec. 2 issue). Not only does it make for a good read, but it's awesome wall decor too!

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