It th' devil's henchman 'o jolly spit shine a ruckas, we decided to give our Wyoming elected officials scurvy pirate names. It be by no means to cause a mutiny. It be just somethin' to do in order to distract ye from whatever it be ye be supposed to be doin' now.

If you go to Pirate Name Generator and enter any name, it will generate a pirate name. Please share your pirate name with us on Facebook, too. If ye want to learn how to speak like a scurvy pirate, I'd recommend visiting Post Like a Now here be ye captains 'o th' political ship 'o Wyoming.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead = Stinkin' Jude Dawkins

Mayor of Casper Daniel Sandoval = Scowlin' Sid Slaughter

Mayor of Cheyenne Richard Kaysen = Agnostic Tad Dread

Secretary of State Edward F. Murray = Cap'n Hannibal Bloodcake

State Auditor Cynthia I. Cloud = Seal Breath Agnes

State Treasurer Mark Gordon = Bilge Brain Billy

Department of Education Jillian Balow = Pirate Jackie the Back-Stabber

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis = Not-So-Keen Ann Marie

Senator John Barrasso = Pirate Bobby the Sword Test Dummy

Senator Mike Enzi = Fineglin' Fritz Dawkins

President Elect Donald Trump = Barnacle Brain Bryant