Checking Out Your Tweets’ returns to watch two hot Twitter photos battle it out.

Alex Reardon‘s streak continues as she beats out Danielle Krivak with a mighty swing of her hockey stick. Alex is now ONE WIN AWAY from being the first induction into the ‘Tweets Hall of Fame.’ Feel the pressure. Do you feel it? We feel it.

The only thing standing tweeting in her way is young lady that loves rice. That’s all we know about Arielle Vandenberg. She loves rice.

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Official Rules

The winning girl moves on to challenge another girl next week. If one woman dominates and wins four weeks in a row, she makes the ‘Hall of Fame’ and gets retired from the competition. At the end of the year, all Hall of Famers will return, to face off in the crowning of the ‘Grand Hot Twitpic Champion’ (or something– we will come up with a better title by then.)

Want to be featured in ‘Checking Out Your Tweets?’ Tweet the photo to @Guy_Speed.