Alicia Keys may have a run for her money in Michelle Obama when it comes to girls being on fire -- have you seen the First Lady's bangs?! Still, the man of honor was President Barack Obama, and Keys paid a pretty appropriate tribute to the Commander in Chief at his Inaugural Ball.

Clad head to toe in sparkling crimson, Keys and her chic bob took a seat at a shiny black piano for the performance. "Today is an incredible day, and you can feel the energy everywhere that you go. In so many ways, everyday is a new day and a new chance," she giggled. "A new chance to be our best, to serve our highest purpose."

After requesting some audience participation, Keys launched into 'New Day' -- we bet you saw that coming based on her intro, right?

"He's President, and he's on fire," she belted. She even altered the chorus, roaring, "Obama's on fire!" Normally singing that in a crowded theatre is asking for trouble, but within context, it was adorable. She even cited the bangin' First Lady in the bridge, singing, "Everybody knows Michelle's his girl / And together they run the world."

Well played, Ms. Keys!