Alicia Keys, Pharrell and Kendrick Lamar have all teamed up to help watch the city of New York -- oh, and also perform -- in their music video for 'It's On Again,' a powerful tune written for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.'

The visually dark music vid, which is interspersed with clips from the upcoming movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, starts off with some intense rhymes by Kendrick Lamar, which he spits dangerously fast into a walkie talkie, giving orders.

The video then transitions to Alicia Keys, rocking some badass Skrillex hair and looking stunning in a black leather jacket and tights as she sings her heart out on the song, singing lyrics like, "There's no day off for heroes / and even when I'm tired, 'go' is the only word I know."

Soon we see Pharrell manning the control board of all of the lights over Manhattan, and later on in the vid, the skyline rocks a dazzling display of lights, fading in and out and lighting up buildings to the volume and beat of the tune.

Watch the video above!