Alicia Keys delivered a pretty epic show at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. Mrs. Swizz Beatz opened her showstopping performance with some heavily choreographed moves to her single 'New Day' before cooling down with, ironically, a hot track -- 'Girl on Fire.'

Joined by a slew of dancers for her intro, Keys, who is usually most at home behind a piano, seemed pretty comfortable with her choreography to 'New Day.' However, before long she was back in her comfort zone: Behind a keyboard in the center of the stage.

Keys has always had an incredibly powerful voice, but her vocal delivery suffers when she moves too much. About halfway through 'Girl on Fire,' Keys got up and danced some more, but her singing faltered -- and at one point she actually looked alarmed.

For however slightly flawed Keys' performance briefly was, the entire thing was a testament to her undeniable talent. Singing and dancing simultaneously is not easy at all, and the fact that she attempted it -- and mostly succeeded -- without a backing a track is commendable. You go, Alicia!