Amber Rose recently revealed she's been sexually assaulted by several famous men during a new interview with Yahoo! Style.

While speaking about Rose's SlutWalk initiative, stylist Joe Zee asked the former Dancing With the Stars contestant to comment on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and the many women who have lobbed sexual assault allegations against the Republican nominee since the release of that Access Hollywood video where he admitted to potentially sexually assaulting several women.

“I want him to get in trouble for it because I cannot even count how many times a famous guy touched me inappropriately — seriously,” she said.

Rose continued, noting how difficult it is for women to come forward after being assaulted, especially when their abuser is in a position of power.

“Imagine this. Donald Trump comes and touches me inappropriately, right," she said. "I’m a regular ass girl. Do I call 911? Do I get on Twitter and tweet about it? How should I go about letting people know that this guy did it to me and who’s actually going to believe me? You know what I’m saying?”

Most women, Rose said, confide in their friends and then try to forget the incident in an attempt to carry on with their lives.

“You just try to get over it and it happens to so many women," she said. "That’s why I started SlutWalk. We talk about all these issues at SlutWalk.”

Head over to Yahoo! Style to see Amber Rose's full interview with Joe Zee.

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