Green: the color of envy, freshness and hair for a select few stylistas who've probably already bleached it beyond recognition, anyway.

Last week, CVS-enthusiast Kylie Jenner, whose hair typically stays in the black-and-blue realm, threw her social media followers one big curve ball when she shared a Snapchat image of her new green locks. Yup, where it was freshly blonde just hours before, Jenner was suddenly sporting some seriously viridescent locks — and with a simple "green <3" caption, she likely became a trendsetter for her millions of followers, many of whom presumably rung up their preferred salons for emergency appointments. But was she the first to go totally jade with her mane? Hardly.

Over the years, and across the music, movie and TV spheres, celebs have been coloring their mops with jade, olive and lime, proving that while it might be nice to have a green thumb, it's sometimes even better to have a green head. Kesha's done it (obviously), Nicki Minaj has done it (also obviously) but the less-daring Lena Dunham, Hilary Duff and Zayn Malik have gotten in on the fun, too. And why not? The color wheel can only rotate so many times, and red, yellow and brown have been done to death.

In the gallery above, we've gathered some of our very favorite celeb emerald-heads. Check 'em out, and tell us if you'd ever consider going green with your own tresses.

Look back at Kendall Jenner's style evolution:

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