Anne Hathaway: Actress, Academy Award winner, divisive figure...Beyhive member? In an Instagram video posted early Wednesday (April 26), Hathaway established that she, like hundreds of thousands of others, is completely taken with Lemonade, Beyonce's boundary-pushing new visual album. Her message was met with round applause in the form of universally ecstatic comments, and no one had anything negative to say about it at all. Just kidding!

"Respect beyond respect. Beyonce just changed so many games. Queen just became an Empress. Chills all over. #LEMONADE," Hathaway wrote, following her caption with multiple lemon and yellow heart emojis. Fair enough! In the eyes of this Bey fan, that's wholly accurate praise. What's more confusing about her selfie vid — which sees her taking a deep breath and raising her hand to show a "B" written on her palm as she then bows in respect, before making the accepted hand gesture for "mind blown" — is the fact that the background song isn't a Lemonade track, but 2008's "Halo."

Did Anne choose that track to cast Beyonce herself as our angel savior, lifting us up to music-heaven? Does she blanch at the thought of a monthly Tidal subscription fee, and/or its $17.99 iTunes price tag (video included!), so she hasn't quite gotten her hands on it yet? Is she new to Beyonce, still absorbing I Am...Sasha Fierce but soon moving onto 4? Just as Beyonce's keeping us guessing with references to infidelity, family strife and more, Anne's artistic Insta choice remains open to interpretation.

Many fellow fans cheered her fandom, others definitely did not. For some, like the commenter who @s a friend to say "I didn't think you could hate her more but I think this will do it," it's just the latest in a long line of ways Hathaway's managed to vaguely infuriate people. Hey, the Onion's classic headline "Area Woman's Baseless Hatred of Anne Hathaway Reciprocated" wasn't created in a vacuum.

One evidently psychic man even predicted this video days ago:

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