With a Best Supporting Actress Oscar on her mantle, Anne Hathaway has moved on to her next big life project – motherhood. The actress, who wed Adam Shulman last year, is reportedly pregnant.

Ehh... not so fast.

Rumors claimed that the actress' younger brother Tom Hathaway slipped the baby news during a comedy routine on Oct. 30 at the Tandem Bar in Brooklyn.

But Hathaway's rep quickly squashed those rumors, stating that it was a joke taken out of context. "She is not pregnant,' her rep stated. "The joke her brother said was one day his sister will have a baby, and he will then be Uncle Tom."

Apparently when he called himself "Uncle Tom," he was merely referencing the Harriet Beecher Stowe' novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin.'

This seems a bit far-fetched... referencing Harriet Beecher Stowe in a comedy segment?

Plus, there were audience members who stated he said something along the lines of, “My sister got married last year, and now she is about to be a new mom!”

We want to hear from audience members to find out what really happened during his act.

We also wonder what Anne, who will turn 31 later this month, thinks about her brother using her life as source material and fodder for a comedy act.

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