This holiday season, movie-goers have not one but two depressing movies to stomp the hope and Christmas spirit from their cheer-filled souls: 'Les Miserables,' where everyone is poor and dies, and 'Django Unchained,' which focuses on slavery.

So to settle which film was more likely to make someone hurl themselves out a window, actors Anne Hathway and Samuel L. Jackson had a “sad off.”

On the clip featured on Funny or Die, Anne (whom we assume had on several pairs of panties, just to be safe) starts things off by mentioning, "My movie is literally called 'The Miserables,'" while Sam counters with, "My movie is about slavery."

Unfortunately for him, Hathaway has the stinging retort, “I also know your movie isn't called 'Django Still Chained.'"

When Anne tries to bring up her shorn locks - which she had chopped off with a knife to play penniless prostitute Fantine - Jackson takes off his hat and reminds her, “I haven't had hair since 'Unbreakable.'”

As the duo continues bantering over festive holiday activities like building gingerbread houses, Jackson decides to make a gingerbread plantation. But Anne tried to one-up him there, too.

"My character works in a factory. Everyone is mean to her. She loses her job," she argues, as Sam laughs and responds, "Everybody in my film has job security. Cause they're slaves!"

In both films, women are beaten, men have their heads blown off (again, most depressing Christmas movies ever), but in 'Django,' “there's a man ripped apart by dogs.”

After Anne tries to get her point across by imitating what a woman singing with tuberculosis sounds like, the pair agree to get in the Christmas spirit by conceding that both their movies are depressing in their own ways.

As Jackson puts it, "Christmas is about bringing people together. Like prostitution does." And Anne agrees, adding, "Nothing says Christmas like slaves and whores."

Merry Christmas to all, and to all hepatitis!

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