Fire growth continues on the Arapaho Fire now at 82,000 acres.

A public information meeting on the fire burning northwest of Wheatland happens Monday evening, 6:30 pm at the 4-H Building at the Platte County Fairgrounds.

Fire officials are calling the fire 5 percent contained with progress made on the south and east flanks.

Virginia Gibbons is spokesperson for the fire management team and she says they’ve been experiencing very unpredictable fire behaviors including a lot of wind shifts.

“So its a pretty lethal combination in the fire fighting arena to have that happening. It’s a very large area that this fire is spread over.”

Gibbons says they’re asking for patience from the public on structure assessments.

“We have folks that are real concerned about their properties, and rightly so, and we are doing everything we can to try to get some information on that, but as I said, we’re in that stage of the fire right now where its so dangerous we really have to think about people first.”

She says fire fighter safety is a top priority.

The community of Esterbrook remains outside of the evacuation area.