Anna Wintour took some serious blowback and heat for relenting and giving Kim Kardashian a Vogue cover, something that fashion's intelligentsia thought would never, like, ever, happen. Is the editor-in-chief and helmet-haired doyenne of the fashion bible laughing all the way to the bank due to her decision? Is Kim's cover outselling that of Beyonce?

Kimmy's fiance Kanye West was seen as the architect of this cover, since he has a footing in the high fashion world with his clothing range, and he also appears on it, in a wedding-style image. The cover subject choice related to Kim seemed to signal a changing of the cultural guard for the mag, which doesn't traffic in lowest common denominator reality TV, no matter how beautiful a show's star, like Kim, may be.

The New York Post reports the cover is forecasting to sell 300,000 to 400,000 copies, according to media sources and bean counters. That would put the issue on the level of best-selling issues that have featured the flawless queen -- the aforementioned Bey -- and the FLOTUS aka Michelle Obama.

Bey was on the March 2013 cover, which shifted 355,000 copies. Mrs. O's April 2013 cover sold just south of 300,000 copies.

Will Kimye's cover sail just "North" of those figures and hit nearly 400,000? Well, Vogue doesn't release sales figures so it's TBD.

Still, that'd be a victory for Wintour, since the decision to give Kim a cover was really controversial. Off topic, but Victoria Beckham, a legit fashion designer who is at the forefront of the industry and is beyond respected by her peers, hasn't even gotten a Vogue cover, and it's deserved and long overdue for her... so here's to hoping.

The huge sales tally would also be somewhat of a triumph for Kim, who always seems to be in Queen Bey's shadow. Rumor has it that Bey doesn't plan to attend the Kimye nuptials, either. But we do hope Blue Ivy and North West become mini besties! Their dads watch the throne; they can watch the crib.

We think the James Franco x Seth Rogen parody cover was what helped push the Kimye cover to terrific sales, though.