Kiplinger, investment advisers, have a new list of the soon be obsolete - that aren't good investments. Are we surprised that one is the plow?

That's among other things going away:

College text books (Some are already on Lap Tops/Tablets.)

The clutch pedal (A new Ford F-150 no longer has a stick.)

Keys (Smart phone technology will kill keys.)

Incandescent bulbs (We have of LEDs and the like.)

USPS neighborhood mail boxes (Snail-mailing is down over 57 percent since 2004.)

In Wyoming, much of our culture is ag. It's not all bad that turning the soil is dying off.

They explain it like this. “Modern farmers have little use for it (the plow). … Deep tillage turns up too much soil, … leaving nothing to stop (Wyoming) wind and rain from carrying the soil away. It also requires a huge amount of diesel fuel … Most crops are "no-till" or minimum-till, relying on herbicides and ... seed drills. … Even organic farmers … “

Here's a social thread that seems to only confirm this further.

If you're involved in farming any of Wyoming's huge acreage, maybe you can add more comment below, or on Facebook.