Fly above the alien landscape of Hell's Half Acre. There is a large fence around the area, but this drone video is able to capture its geologic eccentricities.

Most people know about Hell's Half Acre just outside of Casper. It’s been a backdrop to several movies like Starship Troopers. Once upon a time Native American used to drive large game off the cliff as a hunting method.

The area has gone through some turmoil since the early 2000s as far as a tourist attraction. Natrona County can't find a use for the place or the financial backers to do anything with the area. The restaurant and motel are long gone. Now there is a large fence around the property.

On people don't have a lot of positive things to say about the place. Leon67203 wrote:

There is a 10' high fence around this location, with barbed wire. Of course, someone has dug holes underneath the fence so if you really want to.... . My understanding is that snakes love the canyons down there, a few folk were hurt climbing, and the local Rescue Squad really got tired of responding to calls, so up went the fence. You can still get some good pics with a camera if you stick your lens past the fence. It's still pretty good but badlands like this are all over. Only worth a few minutes.

Well, you don’t have to drive outside of town to see Hell's Half Acre. We found this drone video of the area you can watch anytime you want.