This Halloween, should the perfect costume never manifest, Ariana Grande can dress herself as a personified F-bomb.

Grande, who's sporting a brand new dark brown ponytail, will try to survive a particularly horrifying trip through the American Horror Story Maze at Universal Studios on today's (October 31) episode of The Ellen Degeneres ShowAnd in a preview of the segment above, Grande's preferred coping mechanism proves to be shouting as many vulgarities as possible at the ghouls and demons that confront her. Where swords or firearms won't do...

With Ellen producer Andy Lassner — a begrudging Ellen haunted house-frequenter — by her side, the "Into You" singer seems prepared to take the scary mission by storm. But as soon as the first demon encroaches, Ari quickly tumbles to the ground and nearly throws up the white flag.

As the trip advances, Grande insists she's become more and more secure with her footing ("It's fine!" quickly becomes her affirmation of choice), but her enduring look of horror proves bravery is pretty much just an unconvincing mask. The aforementioned swearing does the same, and Ari hurls profanity at a toy monkey with cymbals just as quickly as she cuts down a bloodied creature who emerges from a mattress.

Finally, when Ari and Andy make it to the other side of the madness, Ari calmly adjusts her eyelash like she hadn't just been through hell.

"It wasn't bad," she says.

Okay, girl.

Then comes the truth:

"Somewhere in there is my heart," she admits before slumping to the floor and delivering a pointed "Oof!"

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