American Idol‘ hopeful Aubree Dieckmeyer showed up at the San Diego auditions, but she wasn’t quite sure what show she was trying out for. In her pre-performance interview package, she said something about being on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Hello! Pay attention people. Knowledge is power, especially when you’re trying to impress people to become a pop superstar. Know what show you are trying to land a “role” on.

That said, Dieckmeyer, 20, is pretty enough to be a model and she looks a bit like ’90210′ actress Shenae Grimes, too. But while she was looking good, was she sounding good?

We found out when she sang the standard ‘Feeling Good’ — recently sung by Michael Buble — that her voice is as pretty as her face, but it’s not perfect nor can she stretch it terrifically. But there was a natural tone to it.

Also, Dieckmeyer’s voice was incredibly thin when she attempted some of the highest notes. Conversely, she was decent at some of the other, upper register parts, so she was all over the place. Dieckmeyer also took the song in her own direction, letting her sweet, cavity-causing voice shine.

Her voice wasn’t the greatest we’ve ever heard, but she demonstrated promise, and that was enough to get her a golden ticket for the next round.

Watch Aubree Dieckmeyer’s ‘American Idol’ Audition