The Gunfighter is a 2014 short film which is very loosely based on the television show Deadwood and begins with an awesome reference to Cheyenne. How this comedic masterpiece managed to allude us for so long is a complete shock.

According to its Wikipedia entry, The Gunfighter is:

A twist on the Western genre, the film concerns a group of people in a saloon who, in an act of breaking the fourth wall, are able to hear the narrator of the film.

The narrator is voiced by Parks and Recreation star, Nick Offerman. The language is definitely NSFW (not suitable for work), but it is truly hilarious. The short touches on everything from racism, homosexual relationships, violence and infidelity.

At under ten minutes in length, The Gunfighter won five different awards including "Best Comedy Short Film" at the American Short Film Awards and "Best Short film" at the Florida Film Festival. In addition to its wins, the film was nominated for five more.

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