With Halloween around the corner and the number of candies consumed and will be consumed after the numerous Halloween events, we have around Laramie, this article seems to be just fitting.

Dental visits are down, cavities are up. The team at quotewizard.com found that the number of children and adolescents with cavities has increased by 4% since 2016, and the number of children and adolescents who regularly go to the dentist’s office decreased by 4% over the same time period.

Dental decay has gotten significantly worse in certain states. The number of children with cavities or tooth decay has increased by 39% in Michigan, 26% in Louisiana, and 22% in Wyoming.

The study also found that there is a difference between men and women when it comes to going to the dentist. Nationwide, 62% of men and 68% of women went to the dentist’s office in the last year. For Wyoming, 63% of men and 68% of women visited the dentist in the past year.

Key findings for Wyoming

  • 63% of men and 68% of women visited the dentist in the past year
  • Nationally, 11.7% of children have cavities or tooth decay
  • Children and adolescents with cavities have increased by 4% since 2016

To read the full report, visit HERE.

Despite most insurance not covering dental care, it is crucial for you to visit the dentist, at least once a year. Especially after a whole month of candies from the trick-or-treats.

Lucky for us, Laramie has quite a number of dentists spread all over town, you just have to pick one from the list. Get in an appointment soon!

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