Now here's a Valentine's Day gift that will be sure to help to put both him and her into the mood for romance and both of you will thoroughly enjoy! Chocolate Dipped BACON Roses!!!

On my most recent trip to Florida for a benefit auction, I was introduced to gourmet bacon, wrapped in the shape of roses and hand dipped in sweet chocolate.  If your mouth is watering right now... and I bet it is... Yum, right?!  It was!!

After just one bite, I immediately asked - "where can I get these and can I get some shipped in time for Valentine's Day?".  The answer was an enthusiastic.. Yes... But I had to hurry and make my order... So I did! is a website that was started just a few months ago and describes all the delicious bacon treats that can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the USA.  A couple of young female entrepreneurs started this booming bacon biz a few years ago and are now taking the country by storm.  A delicious storm filled with smoked bacon!

Check out the photos below of some of the bacon products they offer.  (All photos used with written permission of

Let me apologize in advance for the following Bacon Porn and at the same time... You're Welcome!!

These young ladies even cure their own bacon from hogs that they insist, have been raised in a cage free environment, free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics.  The ladies then hand smoke and bake the bacon, arrange it and deliver it to bacon lovers everywhere or directly to your Valentine (if you hurry).

With multiple options available from chocolate covered bacon roses boxed and shipped, to bourbon bacon, birthday bacon and even yes - just plain ol' smoked bacon!!  This is a wonderful idea in my opinion and surely there is something here for every bacon lover and you'll probably have a hard time deciding on just one.

This is a must for any bacon lover!

But as a warning, these are addicting!! If you are going to order a box for your Valentine, friends or loved ones, you might want to order one for yourself as well.  (Just a little tip from me to you!)

Just think of it as insurance against being left out of the bacon-blitz once the boxes arrive and are opened!!!  Trust me on this one...  But if you do want an order of these by Valentine's Day, I would encourage you to call their phone # (1-888-BACON-4-U) and order, versus using the website as they currently have a back order on some of their bacon selections.

For more info go to