Sensei Tom: I have a mission for you. Should you except this mission, you will not be rewarded at all. Do you except this challenge?

Me: Can I make fun of my fellow teammates if I win?

Okay, so that's not exactly how this started, but pretty close. We were all given the task of finding Casper's best gift for $10 or under. Not to be out done my cohorts, Ian DelapRodeo RickBrian Scott or dare I even mention Tee Roy's off the wall gift idea, I put some serious thought in what I would want. Now we are all aware, 10 Washington's don't quite carry the weight they used too, say even 5 years ago (smokers will be the first to tell you, a 10-spot won't even get you two packs nowadays). So finding something appealing to both genders and most age groups would be difficult. On a side note, if you're under 15, that's too young for me to care; over 85, you've either already got everything, or you're on the way out anyway. *just kidding*

But few things, under 50 clams would actually make a decent Christmas gift, right? Wrong. What does everyone have to do every single day to stay alive? EAT!!! (What where you thinking?)


After much consideration, I decided a gift card to a restaurant would be the way to go. And here are a few reasons why:

1.) You get to use the entire $10 without having to worry about tax.

2.) The "giftee" has a chance to pick their own gift (at least anything off the menu).

3.) You don't have to even wrap it!!! Most of them come in a little card envelope!

4.) They make great stocking stuffers & last minute gift ideas.


*Server sold seperately*

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