School is almost out, and summer is coming closer.  That means students around Casper will be getting three months to just hangout, lounge around, and if you are a teen, get a summer job.  For those teens looking for some extra spending cash this summer, we have a list of some of the best summer jobs in Casper.

I know.  Working is not how most teens want to spend their summer.  A summer job is necessary for many teens, whose parents don't want to keep handing them money.  I remember when I was a teen working in the summer.  It was sweet having guaranteed cash to spend on whatever I wanted.  The teen years is when many learn the value of a dollar and working to earn that dollar.  Of course some jobs are better than others, but most teen jobs are low stress, and have flexible hours so you still have time to enjoy your summer away from school.  Here are a few of the best summer jobs for teens to get you started on the road to payday.


  • Food Industry

    The food industry is the leading source of jobs for teens.  Casper has TONS of restaurants, fast food and sit down.  There are consistently openings for positions in the fast-food industry.  Although not the most glamorous job, working a fast-food position is perfect for a first time job holder.  Places like KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King are always hiring and are willing to have a flexible schedule.  If you would rather not cook the food, there are plenty of positions at sit-down restaurants.  Places like Applebee's, Out Back Steak House, Johnny J's,  and Perkins typically have hosting positions for teens.

  • Mowing Lawns

    Every summer you can always guarantee that grass will be growing.  Where there is grass, there is the need for that grass to be cut.  There are tons of lawn mowing business in Casper.  Stoners Landscaping, Johnson Landscaping, The Other Guys Lawn and Maintenance , and Tru Green.  If you have your own mower and transportation, start your own mowing business!  Make your own hours, set your own prices, and be your own boss!  It's not as easy as all that, so i recommend doing some light business research prior to going at it.

  • Lifeguard

    For those teens out there who love soaking up sun, hanging by the pool, and saving lives; this job is perfect for you.  Of course you will have to go through training and become certified to become a lifeguard.  The City of Casper provides courses to complete this.  Casper has numerous pools for you keep a watchful eye on.  Be a hero and get a tan at the same time!

  • Retail

    I worked retail for years.  It is a perfect job for teens.  The Eastridge Mall is a prime spot for teen employment.  Clothing stores such as Zumiez, Deb, Aeropostle and Rue 21 sell clothes for young people, so who better to sell them than the teens wearing them.  There are also plenty of grocery stores such as Albertsons, Safeway, and Smith's to get into the food side of retail.  There are typically openings for baggers, cashiers, and shelf stockers.  Retail jobs tend to have very flexible hours so you can still enjoy your summer!