Since Beyonce made her triumphant comeback with her Atlantic City Revel concerts, we all know she’s still got the music in her. But Gwyneth Paltrow wants Bey to get back into movies, too.Paltrow and Bey met through their husbands, Jay-Z and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and have been longtime pals ever since. As an Oscar winner and child of Hollywood veterans, Paltrow is reportedly pulling strings to get Beyonce into more films following her roles in ‘Dream Girls’, ‘The Fighting Temptations’, ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’ and ‘Obsessed.’

Entertainment Wise reports that Paltrow is reaching out to director Steven Spielberg about working with Beyonce. A source revealed, “Gwyneth is arranging a meeting and also has ideas about a mini-movie for an upcoming music video.” Interesting!

Beyonce is getting back to work following a break to spend quality time with her beautiful baby girl, Blue Ivy. Queen Bey will next star as Queen Tara in the 3D animated adventure film ‘Leafmen.’ Beyonce’s long said that she wants to nab an Oscar, and having a Hollywood heavyweight in her corner may help her earn the dramatic, serious roles that warrant an award. We’re all for this, Bey!

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