Anyone who has ever been to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam -- the hiding place where young Anne, her family and their friends lived while hiding from the Nazis during WWII -- knows just how incredibly overpowering and moving the visit can be. While in town for a couple of tour stops, Beyonce and Jay Z recently paid tribute to the courageous young woman and shared their photos from the museum on Instagram.

In the first shot, Beyonce is seen looking at a photo of Anne next to a quote from her diary, which reads, "I'll make my voice heard, I'll go out into the world and work for mankind!" The Instagram snapshot is simply captioned, "Anne Frank House, Amsterdam." (See the photo below.)

In the next picture, Beyonce is crouched down under a wall of photos of Anne, looking at the camera with a somber expression on her face. Check out the picture above.

The Anne Frank House's Facebook page confirmed the singers' visit and posted a picture of Beyonce signing the guestbook.

"American singer Beyoncé and rapper & producer Jay Z visited the Anne Frank House today," the caption reads. "They were more than an hour inside and very impressed by their visit to the hiding place of Anne Frank."

Beyonce and Jay Z's visit comes almost a year after Justin Bieber visited the museum and infamously signed the guestbook saying that he felt that Anne Frank "would've been a Belieber." Though Bieber's comment received a wealth of criticism, his remark actually made sense after visiting the museum. Like Anne's stepsister noted, Anne was a huge fan of popular music and stars of the time, and her room in the annex was filled with posters of pop culture icons.