We weren’t kidding about Beyonce‘s complete and total domination of magazine covers in the past eight or so months. The latest in the mom-to-be’s repertoire? A gorgeous, understated cover of New York City’s own Downtown. Many of Bey’s covers have been women’s mags, focusing on fashion, makeup and her music. This cover, for the magazine’s winter issue, spotlights Bey’s soft, natural beauty. The signer is a usually quite a (Sasha) fierce glamazon, but even when she tones it down, the result is equally as breathtaking.

The black and white cover, which hones in on Bey from the neck up, focuses on her big, expressive eyes and glossy lips. Couldn’t you just get lost in that stare? Some people are so genetically blessed and she will pass all those uh-mazing genes on to Babyonce. Her enviable features capture the eye and the somewhat serious nature of the shot fits the accompanying feature, which spotlights her work with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Bey and Mich partnered up for the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, which helps combat childhood obesity by encouraging and engaging the youth of the nation into physical activity.

Downtown is a lifestyle magazine that highlights the unique and diverse culture that exists south of Canal Street, with a discerning eye on fashion below Houston, so says the mag’s boiler plate. It’s also the first magazine to focus solely on this lively, bursting-with-culture area of New York City.

We gotta give Bey props. She is hardly an uptown girl. She hangs out outside of Manhattan and even spent NYE in Brooklyn. Holla.

While Bey is the undisputed queen of the mag cover, rumor is she won’t be pushing Babyonce down that same route or sharing photos of her newborn with the media.