In this Border War, 2016, it’s the 2-2 Wyoming Cowboys and the 2-2 CSU Rams. By records alone, it seems pretty even. Most sports books, however, still have the spread favoring CSU by 6.5.

At least this isn’t November 2015, when the spreads averaged 9 points for CSU, and they beat the Pokes by 19. It was painful.

Going back to 2014, the Wyoming loss was 45-31, but they did beat the spread of 19.

In the week before the 2013 Wyoming loss, the spread was between 6 and 7 points, but the score was 52-22, so who knows? Let’s just hope The Cowboys are back on the same track as 2009, 10, 11 and 12.

We were looking for a trend there on beating spreads, but nothing was overwhelming. As they say with rivalries, "Forget the numbers." No one has any control over who wins besides the players, themselves, who all want that Bronze Boot.

In The Coloradoan’s September 28 edition, see “Which team has the edge?” All positions were analyzed, with a final prediction in favor of their home team: CSU 35, Wyoming 24. That’s fairly close to right now, saying Colorado State 33.2 Wyoming 22.6.

Do you go with the team that doesn't have the first-year head coach, UW?

Go Pokes!