Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has invited Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne to escort him to the ring before big fights.

During his visit to Howard Stern's morning radio program on (Sept. 25), the boxer revealed the next superstar he wants to accompany him on his walk to the ring? None other than lava-hot Miley Cyrus.

Mayweather told the host that he has Biebs walk him since he is a big star and he likes to surround himself with the biggest and best people. Perhaps he is vibing off their good (and famous) energy, creating even more publicity for himself?

Mayweather then said that he would bring Cyrus to the ring with him during his next fight since she's cool. But in typical Stern fashion, he grilled the fighter, asking if he'd have sex with the newly-single Cyrus, to which he said he would not. Floyd's a classy guy.

But Miley and Mayweather? That'd be quite a ringside combo! We're surprised he didn't say he'd want Katy Perry to waltz to the ring with him, since she's employing boxing metaphors with 'ROAR.' He's a champion and so is she. But hey, he prefers Miley. So be it.